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Here's a list of the best TV shows from the 1950s and 1960s, ranked by most popular.

Enjoy these great TV shows from the past any time you want without having to worry about your TV's wireless connection speed. Just pop in a DVD of your choice and you'll be sitting back, enjoying some of the best shows ever.

Best TV Shows of 1950s (Ranked)

Photo Title Price Buy
I Love Lucy: Colorized Collection from $19.99
Leave it to Beaver: The (Almost) Complete Series [Seasons 1-5] from $75.93
Looney Tunes Golden Collection 8-Film Mega Pack Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection 8/ Looney Tunes Super Stars: Sylvester & Hippety Hopper - Marsupial Mayhem/ Looney Tunes Show Fun: Season 1 Vol 1, 2&3 $39.99
Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension (Complete Series Limited Edition Box Set) from $100.00
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Seasons 1-5 $129.95
The Honeymooners - Classic 39 Episodes from $17.97
The Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show: Unforgettable Performances Volume 1 from $10.49
Gunsmoke: Seasons 1-4 $44.99
Perry Mason: The Complete Series from $111.98
Father Knows Best: Season 1 by Shout! Factory $29.68
Adventures of Superman: The Complete Collection from $73.39
Time Life The Best of The Three Stooges $99.95

Best TV Shows of 1960s (Ranked)

Photo Title Price Buy
Star Trek: The Original Series - The Complete Series from $35.91
The Andy Griffith Show: The Complete Series from $88.39
The Flintstones - The Complete Fourth Season from $41.98
Beverly Hillbillies: Complete Seasons 1-5 DVD Collection + Bonus Art Card $119.99
I Dream Of Jeannie: Complete Seasons 1-5 $22.27
Bewitched - The Complete Series from $26.95
Batman: The Complete Television Series (Replacement/DVD) $39.99
Gilligan's Island - The Complete First Three Seasons from $39.68
The Jetsons - The Complete First Season from $15.05
The Addams Family - The Complete Series from $19.93
Get Smart: The Complete Series from $62.25
The Carol Burnett Show from $134.77

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